Asset Management

for private and institutional clients

Being an independent Asset Manager, Arvernus Capital Ltd., allows us to collaborate with selected banks. You as a client subsequently have the opportunity to holding a custodian relationship with an institute of your choice.The maximum possible security for the safe keeping of your assets is given first priority.

The ability of listening is the foundation to every good business relationship. It is our goal to identify your financial requirements, to compile a personalised investment-and risk profile and subsequently to align it with investment horizon.

The team at Arvernus Capital Ltd. offers you support for all your financial matters. Should your query surpass our know-how we are in an excellent position to draw on the expertise of external experts, e.g. insurance queries. If a portfolio management mandate is in place we will take independent investment decision, manage and monitor your assets and implement the jointly developed investment strategy in your best interest. All transactions are executed by your custodian bank; upon completion you will receive the transaction-, account- and asset statements directly from them. It goes without saying, that we will inform you on a regular basis on the development of your assets.

If you possess solid investment knowledge, are well versed in financial markets, have time to deal with various markets on a daily basis and yet you would like make your own decision as to how your assets are invested, then we are at your disposal with our experience and our counsel via an advisory mandate.